All the information you need to get around in Ghent. Something missing? Give us a shout!


The city of Ghent has been the home of ArrrrCamp since its inception. You'll find a beautiful city center, several museums, plenty of restaurants and hotels and of course tons of places serving our famous Belgian beers.

The conference venue is a place called Handelsbeurs. It's a concert hall with a fantastic theatre room and a big lounge area for breaks.

After the talks there'll be opportunities to visit some of our favorite watering holes or grab a bite in the center of Ghent.

Handelsbeurs website
Google Maps

Handelsbeurs Concert Hall
Kouter 29
9000 Ghent


If you're flying in, you'll want to book a ticket to Brussels Airport and not Brussels South.

From the airport there are several trains each hour to Ghent-Sint-Pieters. The ride should take you about an hour. Booking tickets in the train station is easy and fairly cheap. You'll find more information on

From the Gent Sint-Pieters train station you can take trams on lines 1 or 22. Take a look at Google Maps for public transport information.

Finding a taxi at the train station won't be a problem either.

If you have some time to spare, walking is an option as well. This will take about about 30 minutes.

When coming by car, there's underground parking in front of the venue.

Food & Drinks

We sadly can't provide breakfast at ArrrrCamp this year. Those of you who don't have breakfast included in your accommodation can find inspiration on the website of Visit Gent.

We do provide lunch!

If you're looking to go out for food or drinks in the evening we can recommend a stroll through the city centre, specifically the area of the Vlaanderenstraat or Patershol. Ghent also has plenty of vegetarian offerings, such as Komkommertijd or De Appelier. Fabula Rasa also has a bunch of fantastic dishes with fresh vegetables. Their menu includes some of the best burgers we've ever had.

Other places of interest include de Korenmarkt, Vrijdagmarkt and Graslei among others.

Extra activities

Those who stay on Saturday (or longer) to visit our lovely city can stroll at Graslei, one of the most scenic places of the old city center, or do some shopping in the Veldstraat which is in the same neighborhood. Ghent's museums are conveniently listed over here, we're sure you'll see something you like. You could even consider a trip on a boat on one of Ghent's magnificent canals or relax in one of the public parks.

We encourage people to organize impromptu meetups or head out for food or drink. We'll happily retweet your tweets if we spot them.

We have a few things in mind to spend Wednesday and Thursday evening together, keep an eye on Twitter for more information.

Friday is the day of our famous boatparty. Again, more information will follow shortly!