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Because speaking at ArrrrCamp is arrrrsome!

Call For Proposals

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ArrrrCamp is up to edition 9 already, taking place on the 1st and 2nd of October. That means we're looking for speakers much in the same way as we do each year. As always we welcome both established speakers and new people, and will do our very best to help everyone who has questions or would like some guidance in preparation for their talk.

ArrrrCamp is a cozy conference and we've found everyone to be very welcoming. We're confident first time speakers too are a great asset to our conference, so please don't hold back in submitting a proposal or asking questions!

Single track

ArrrrCamp 2015 is a single track conference. We believe that pulling everyone together in a big cozy theater will increase the feeling of togetherness.

Talks can range from technical talks on Ruby (or Rails, Sinatra, ...) to live coding sessions, from inspirational talks to more general knowledge relevant to our industry (think team communication, project management, ...) to front-end and even design. We believe in the merits of a diverse program and hope to see this reflected in the submitted proposals.

The audience will consist of Rubyists, Rails developers, JavaScript or front-end developers, ...

All of our talks are in English. Sessions are 40 minutes long with 30 minute breaks in between. We encourage people to discuss during the breaks if there are any questions, but if you want you can have Q&A during your session as well.

The process

The submissions we receive will be handled anonymously. This allows us to judge proposals on their value for the conference and their content and exclude any biases we may have towards the author, subconscious or otherwise.

Once again, we're a very welcoming bunch and would love to help out with any questions you may have.

What's in it for you

Speakers at ArrrrCamp receive accommodation within 3 minutes walking distance. On top of that you also get a full ticket with lunch and breakfast included and access to all of our fringe events. We will also assist with pretty much anything going from travel arrangements to questions about your presentation.

Code of Conduct

We are dedicated to making everyone feel welcome and at home, both during the conference and at the fringe events. Our Code of Conduct offers some guidelines to ensure this for both attendees and speakers. The crew is available to anyone who is anything less than completely comfortable at our events.

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