ArrrrCamp October 1st & 2nd, 2015

Introducing the proposal selection team

Arrrr mateys!

Today we wanted to introduce you to the team who will be rating the proposals we receive. Last year we received well over 80 proposals and as you can imagine it’s very hard to choose from all the fantastic proposals we receive in order to fill an interesting schedule. Because we wanted to widen the background of the people making these decisions we’ve asked the help of some Ruby friends.

Allow me to introduce (drumroll please…)

  • Floor Drees, member of the organizing team of Rails Girls Summer of Code, serial Rails Girls workshop organizer, ex-vienna.rb, leading lady behind Linz and
  • Paul Fedory, developer at Mint Digital and conference organiser extraordinaire at DevsLoveBacon. We’ve noticed ArrrrCamp’s and Bacon’s values overlap a lot.
  • Oana Sipos, Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013 participant turned serial Rails Girls Brussels organiser
  • Simon Schoeters, allround web enthusiast and freelance developer with a long ArrrrCamp history

And of course there’s the team within Openminds:

  • Mike and Steven, devops engineers
  • Joren and Hannes, developers

We’re confident that drawing from this wide range of experiences and values allows us to compose a diverse and interesting schedule.

Remember that our call for proposals is open until the 16th of May! If anything is holding you back from submitting yours please reach out. We’re more than happy to assist!