ArrrrCamp October 1st & 2nd, 2015

A word about the events at ArrrrCamp

Arrrr me mateys,

The schedule for the conference is now finally online, but the conference doesn’t quite stop with the talks! We have a number of fun things planned for you, so go ahead and take a look below about what you can do during the conference.


On wednesday we’ll find a nice bar to meet for a couple drinks before the conference. Nothing major is planned here and we’re not making reservations, so just keep an eye on Twitter for the announcement.


On Thursday we’re doing a couple of events as opposed to another party. We feel Ghent has more to offer so we decided to try something new. Most of these will take place at around 8pm for one to two hours at different locations throughout the city.


This is an event with limited seats. You will need to sign up through our Eventbrite page. The cost will be about 4 Euro per game. We’ve made a reservation for 5 lanes. Because they’re fully booked extra lanes are not possible and we’ll only get to play for an hour. Don’t be late!

Meet at 8pm at Overpoortstraat 38 at the Overpoort Bowl

Photo walk

Ghent is a beautiful city with several scenic places. We’ll take a short stroll through the city (around an hour, maybe a bit longer) allowing you to take some pictures and enjoy the city center. You can bring your camera (or phone) and possibly a tripod (remember it’ll be fairly dark already, so you might need to work at longer exposures!) but that’s your choice of course.

We’ll meet at 8pm at the venue to start the walk, please don’t be late!

Rock climbing

A personal favorite of mine is rock climbing. Bouldering is climbing on low rocks or -in this case- walls that don’t require you to have a partner or be knowledgeable about ropes and security. Bouldering is easy to get to know but hard to master, and we’ll give you a first glimpse of the sport in Europe’s biggest (and newest) climbing gym. 7 Euro gives you unlimited access to the bouldering area. Bring comfy clothes and clean shoes. This event could get canceled if the turnout is too small.

Meet at 8pm at Zuiderlaan 20 at Biover Sport Blaarmeersen.

After the events

For people with energy left we’ll meet at a bar after the events. The location will be decided later, but keep an eye on Twitter. People taking part in neither of the events are welcome to head to the bar earlier of course.


On Friday we’ll be having our famous boat party, graciously hosted by Twilio. The address for the party is Muinkkaai 1, you’re welcome from 8.30pm for a drink and a chat!